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What is included in my cleaning fee?


You are expected to clean up after your group. The $50 cleaning fee you have paid covers NORMAL cleaning. Extra cleaning fees up to the entirety of your damage deposit will be charged if the boat is returned in a condition that requires more than a basic cleaning. What we want to prevent is the abuse of property, excessive amounts of trash, food and decorations left behind. We ask that guests treat the boat with care and respect, leaving it in the same general condition as it was provided.


  • Light washing of deck and cockpit

  • Wiping down of exterior surfaces including seating

  • Disinfecting and cleaning of the bathroom

  • Disinfecting and cleaning of the kitchen and living area surfaces

  • Vacuuming of main cabin


  • Minimum $250 charge if you clog the toilet with toilet paper or other items (do not put anything in the toilet except what comes from your body, use the trash can in the bathroom!)

  • Broken glass

  • Staining or spills on carpet or surfaces from food, drinks, makeup, suntan lotion, or stains that result from clothing color transfer to seats.

  • Spraying champagne or other drinks

  • Excessive food or trash left behind

  • Vomit clean up

  • Clean-up of decorations such as glitter and confetti

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