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Tips for a successful trip

  • The boat is equipped with a Bluetooth sound system. We recommend bringing a USB wire to connect your phone to the sound system in case you are unable to connect via Bluetooth.

  • We recommend lotion sunscreen, hats and other types of sun protection . There is a chemical in spray sunscreen that turns the boat vinyl blue. Please do not bring this type of sunscreen to avoid a claim against your security/damage deposit.

  • Please avoid glass bottles, such as beer bottles, which can easily break causing a safety hazard for you and your guests. Wine and champagne bottles are usually okay since they do not break as easily.

  • In lieu of cigarettes and cigars, we recommend e-cigarettes and vapes for your own safety. There are gas engines on the boat which are highly combustible so lighting anything on fire on the boat is extremely dangerous. Additionally, any burn marks on the boat could result in significant fines.

  • Illegal drugs on land are also illegal on the water, including marijuana which is still restricted federally. The US Coast Guard could board the vessel and even seize it if illegal activity is discovered on board.

  • Please do not bring red wine and other food/rinks that stain easily as any such stains could result in a substantial cleaning fine.

  • We recommend that alcohol consumption is done in a moderate and responsible manner. Most of the problems our charters have had were linked to excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol also increases the likelihood of sea-sickness. One suggestion is limiting the alcoholic beverage brought on board to beer, wine and other pre-mixed canned drinks rather than hard liquor. 

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