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Our fleet is docked at 31st Street Harbor in Chicago, IL which is about a 10 min drive from downtown.


How to get there

The harbor entrance is located where 31st Street terminates at the lake front. There is a turnaround for pick-up and drop-off. This is typically the meeting point for rideshare.

31st STreet harbor aerial.jpg

31st Street Harbor

Built in 2012, 31st Street Harbor is the newest harbor in Chicago.  There is a state-of-the-art playground,  beach and several food & beverage outlets. For more information click the following link:

31st Street Harbor Website

31st Street Harbor facilities.jfif

Parking & Facilities

Indoor parking is provided on-site. Availability varies. Outdoor public parking is located across Lakeshore Drive on the south side of 31st Street. Parking fees are not included in the boat rental. Ice  and other convenience items can be purchased from the harbor store during their open hours.

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